About CMA

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The College Media Association serves student media pros, staffs and programs with education, research and resources. It communicates and works with professional media organizations and education associations on the local, state and national levels.

CMA was founded in 1954 as the National Council of College Publications Advisers. It now has more than 700 members— the people who advise the nation’s collegiate media newspapers, yearbooks, magazines, broadcast and electronic media and their staffs— from coast to coast.

CMA serves thousands of students and advisers at two annual conventions. A national volunteer network of advisers, working with CMA’s associate executive director, coordinates hundreds of educational sessions. CMA members maintain strong lines of communication through print and electronic media. CMA’s website and social media outlets inform members and collegiate media staffs of trends and news. College Media Review, its flagship journal, is the leading academic journal on collegiate media, both print and electronic. The CMA listserv gives members the opportunity to gain quick advice from colleagues and discuss breaking news and issues affecting collegiate media.


College Media Association’s mission is to support student media programs and professionals through education and community.