Episode 03: Sheena Roetman

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In honor of #whyIadvise Wednesdays, this episode of the CollegeMedia16 podcast was uploaded on the Wednesday before Christmas as our host talked with a former student!

Sheena Roetman
Sheena Roetman and Bryce McNeil at Tin Lizzy’s downtown

Within the past five years, Sheena Roetman has done the College Media trip from both sides of the aisle– student and presenter– and has done it both driving and flying. She also knows the importance of affiliations in journalism (CMA, SPJ, NAJA) and it influences her latest role: Assistant Director for the Atlanta Press Club, an organization located in the heart of downtown Atlanta over 500 working journalist members. These members work for (among other places) major metro newspapers, the four network affiliates in America’s #8 television market and for CNN.

Sheena is also passionate about the importance of journalism for, by and about Native Americans, which informed her research interest as a student in American Indian Media and advocacy journalism. She has served as a mentor for NAJA’s Native American Journalism Fellowship Project.

We couldn’t have been closer to either #CMAATL16 central OR Atlanta Press Club headquarters as the holidays approached, meeting up with Sheena at Tin Lizzy’s less than 250 feet from the Hyatt Regency. There, we talked about some of her favorite Atlanta spots, keeping up to speed with journalism orgs and the paradoxes of journalism for Native communities in the interconnected age. We also talked about the slow road to discovering journalism without a high school paper– and the travails of choosing your student newspaper over your sorority.

Walk to Tin Lizzy’s from #CMAATL16

At 55:20, Sheena references Byrd’s Box:
Walk to Byrd’s Box from #CMAATL16
(also reference the Atlanta Streetcar map).