Episode 05: Susanna Spiccia

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For some Atlanta youth, “summer camp” isn’t campfires and ghost stories: it’s an immersive multimedia and social experience.

Susanna Spiccia is the founder and Executive Director of re:imagineATL, a non-profit organization helping youth from different socioeconomic backgrounds across Atlanta come together to produce media products seeking to make a difference. In re:imagineATL’s “Green Room” project, campers from 5th to 12th grade break up into small crews to work with videographers and musicians over the course of five days to produce music videos. For many of these students, the program serves as an introduction to media equipment and teaches them how to find resources to continue their development. You can find the fruits of their labors at re:imagineATL’s online media gallery.

Susanna Spiccia
Bryce McNeil and Susanna Spiccia at Octane Coffee Bar (Grant Park)

Susanna is constantly networking with the Atlanta media and entertainment industries to find tutors, speakers and facilitators for her events. Her networking skills are a natural evolution from her work in sales before founding re:imagineATL. However, as she happily shares in this interview, sales was never the final goal: working towards bringing youth together and enhancing their social learning environments was. In fact, she used much of the money she made in her brief sales career to help get re:imagine off of the ground.

This goal is evident in Susanna’s training for her current endeavors: she majored in Business Administration but her hobbies out of the classroom veered towards volunteerism. She founded a Kids Afterschool Program for which she volunteered for over five years, and developed her green thumb by volunteering for three different small farms in the U.S. She has also mentored Girl Scouts, developed marketing strategies for the Children’s Hunger Relief Fund and has volunteered for Youth Villages.

Susanna chose the Grant Park Octane Coffee Bar as the location for our interview, citing it as the center of many of the major networking opportunities in her career. Not surprisingly, her calendar was quite full, but it didn’t tire her out for a minute to share the re:imagine story. Susanna spoke about the inspiration for founding the organization, how she loathed sales as a career option but knew its usefulness to her future endeavors and the lesson of resourcefulness she took from rural and urban farming. Students are encouraged to pay careful attention to the end of this episode, as she provides simple pratical advice on how to best take advantage of your conference experience.

Grant Park Octane Coffee Bar (car/taxi) from #CMAATL16
Grant Park Octane Coffee Bar (walk) from #CMAATL16

At 45:19, Susanna references Wonderroot Atlanta:
public transit from #CMAATL16