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The CollegeMedia16 Podcast is a feature unique to the 2016 CMA convention. Each episode brings a different person from the Atlanta media community, whether it be from the world of journalism, literature, film or education– or any combination therein!

Two common features of every episode:
1) It is a one-on-one interview
2) recorded at a location of the guest’s choosing.

The podcast will feature a variety of locations within the Atlanta are to give the listener a glimpse into the city. Bookmark this page as the web-based version of each episode will feature a Google map of the interview location so that you can consider the spot as a dining/coffee/activity option during your time at CMA 2016.

And we might even take a detour or two…

The theme to the CollegeMedia16 podcast is “The Show Starts” by North Trolls, used with permission. For inquiries about the podcast and #collegemedia16 programming, email .